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Talent Acquisition eBook: Employer Branding Playbook

At SecureVision, we believe that playbooks can optimize your talent acquisition function to achieve better outcomes. What exactly is a playbook? Essentially a playbook is a best-practices guide for a specific piece of the talent acquisition function. For example: applicant tracking systems, culture, employee branding, job interview stages, etc, each have their own playbooks as each are distinct elements of the overall talent acquisition function.

Since 2015, we have supported the talent acquisition function for over 140 companies (primarily growth-stage technology companies). During that time we have built, and are continuously updating based on the latest trends, playbooks for each talent acquisition function. We have a good pulse on what works and what doesn't and put those real-world tactics into our playbooks and share them with our clients should they need them.

The playbook covered in this eBook is employer branding. Think of a job candidate considering working for your company as a potential investor. Through that lens, how would you want to prepare your brand to help them make the best decision possible? Afterall, a job candidate should be thinking of their career in terms of investing in themself. A good decision here will set them up nicely down the road.

In this eBook, we cover:

  • Website design

  • Glassdoor

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Content

  • Google search results

  • Job descriptions

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Thank you for trusting SecureVision with advancing your knowledge of talent acquisition best practices. Without further ado, here is our eBook: Employer Branding Playbook.


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