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Our Mission

Our mission is to create amazing experiences and outcomes for our employees, candidates, and clients. We believe that building a people-first culture is a worthy pursuit and that our growth is a result of putting people first.  

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We Create Global Impact


Clients Trust Us


Openings Filled


Growth in the Past Year


Life at SecureVision

At the heart of who we are, it's all about the people we work with and team collaboration. We're a place where you can thrive in your career and personal life while experiencing massive growth.


Our remote team is comprised of talent advisors, recruiters, sourcing partners, & customer success managers. We come from all over the US and the globe!

We can't wait for you to join the team!

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Our Team of Talent Advisors

This position is at the crossroad of day-to-day execution and strategic thinking. The chosen candidate needs to have strong business acumen and an in-depth understanding of managing client relationships and the entire recruitment process.


Our Team of Talent Sourcing Partners

This position ensures a strong client experience throughout the kick-off and ramp of new clients and open roles by sourcing talent. Candidates that excel at this role are great at asking the right diagnostic questions to develop a deep understanding of relevant profiles. They also excel at communication and driving alignment amongst the Talent Advisors and clients. 

Open Roles at SecureVision

What Our Employees Say


Energy, Drive, and Passion.  As one of the newest members of the SecureVision team, I can emphatically say my experience has surpassed my expectations.  Having come from the retained search world the way SecureVision has positioned our business allows us to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients and engage with top talent in the marketplace, we are hyperfocused on relationships over transactions.  This has allowed me to further dial in on doing what's best for our clients as I feel invested in their success.  Many companies frequently talk about collaboration and being supported, those aren't just words at SecureVision they are real actions even in our remote organization.  I am excited to see what the next year holds in store for this team.  Great things are on the horizon! 


Bridget Tesler

Manager of Recruitment Solutions


I was in my last agency for 4 years and coming to SecureVision has been refreshing and eye-opening. SecureVision is a great a place to work if you're up for the challenge. Here the standards are high, and I have to say that this took me out of my comfort zone.  Also, this is the perfect place where you can develop both your professional and personal skills. We are a dynamic team, where you will find support when needed. As a Sourcing Team lead, I must say that SecureVision has been a great place to grow my career with a supportive team, innovative thinking, positive environment, and willingness to allow people to take on new responsibilities.


Miriam Herganie

Sourcing Team Lead

Hear From the Team

What challenges are you looking forward to solving in the next 12 months?
How is success measured?
What is the culture like?
How should candidates prepare for interviews with SecureVision?
What values are most apparent at SecureVision?
How does your team recognize good work?

"A Great Place to Work"


A Great Place to Work

One of the best reason for working at SecureVision is the internal support for growth and development you receive, no matter on what position or on which continent. James and the other team leads are helpful, responsive, and show they really care and the people and the culture. There is a big emphasis on maintaining a high degree of communication which makes us feel closer although everyone is working remotely. Also, every contribution is noticed and valued. There is a real impact everyone has on the organization.


Tons of Professional Development Opportunity

If you are looking for a company where you can grow professionally at a much faster pace than traditional organizations then SecureVision is the place for you. The CEO, James, trusts his employees to learn new skills and get out of their comfort zones to grow professionally and in many ways personally. He once told me that he didn't hire me for what I could do now, but for what I could be able to do in the future. He has come through on that statement as I have been given the opportunity to work on many aspects of the business that I never had the opportunity to do before. James and the rest of the team push you to be the best version of yourself and to get better each day. It's an environment where when you look back even a few weeks in the past, you will be in awe of what you have accomplished.

Competitive Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Health Insurance, United Gold Plan
100% of employee premiums are covered by SecureVision 

Vanguard Simple IRA 

20 days PTO + a Minimum PTO Policy


Federal Holidays

Recharge Days
1 Friday per month off for the entire company, generally tied to a Federal holiday, hello 4 day-weekend! 

Remote and travel flexibility
Work from anywhere with a strong internet connection

Employee Perks

MacBook or Tech Stipend

Clearly Defined Promotion Path

Collaborative Environment

Training and Continuous Development

Company Off-sites

Who We Are

Our Values


Great experiences lead to great results

We believe that in order to create incredible value for our clients, candidates, and team members, we need to focus on experience first.


We add massive value and deliver no matter what

Producing great results is part of our identity.  It's the outcome we consistently produce for our customers. We believe in the performance philosophy - we won't always get the result we want, but we do get the results we tolerate.


Every day we grow together

We don't chase magic bullets or growth hacks. We continue to make 1,000's of incremental improvements that in unison create exceptional experiences and outcomes for the people we serve. 

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