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Benefits and Perks Job Seekers Are Looking For

With the worst of the pandemic - hopefully - behind us, what are the benefits and perks that job seekers are looking for? In this ultra-competitive market, companies have to be more and more aggressive in order to compete for top talent.

From our unique vantage point of helping companies hire top talent, we are on the front lines of what benefits and perks are resonating with job seekers. We are seeing companies place a much bigger emphasis toward producing benefits and perks that enable people to have a fantastic work-life balance.

A few years ago, it might have been good enough to have a three-week PTO policy. Candidates now have the expectation of a four-week PTO policy. Having a specific number of days/weeks is becoming more popular than unlimited PTO policies because there is too much confusion and guilt around taking time off under unlimited PTO plans.

To that effect, we're also seeing a lot more minimum PTO policies. Candidates are starting to have the expectation that there are minimum PTO policies in place so there is not that confusion and guilt around taking the time off. Employees want employers to normalize and encourage taking time off.

What good is a four week PTO policy if people don't feel empowered to take it? Most benefits and perks are skewing towards a focus on work-life balance and enabling people to not only get the most out of their life professionally, but personally as well.

How SecureVision Can Help

For assistance with putting a hiring plan together - including the benefits and perks you need to hire and retain top talent, please contact us today.


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